Webinar: Privacy and the Post-Cookie Future of Marketing

| By Ian Joyce

Ideas and concerns about privacy are shaping up to influence marketers’ ability to reach new and current customers through digital channels. Evolving privacy regulations and changes to how devices and platforms track users are a wake up call for marketing organizations to rethink their practices and position themselves to succeed in this changing environment. 

We hosted Privacy and the Post-Cookie Future of Marketing, a 45 minute webinar hosted by our Digital Services Director Ian Joyce, that addressed key questions about privacy and a new era of online marketing:

  • What is driving the focus on privacy among regulators, device manufacturers, and platform owners? 
  • What are the practical implications for marketing teams who rely on digital advertising to reach customers?
  • Why is first-party data a critical component of positioning teams to respond to the full impact of privacy-focused changes?
  • What are the best practices for collecting, managing and leveraging first-party data?

This webinar is designed for anyone who is responsible for online marketing and wants to learn more about adapting to accelerating changes in this field. 

If you missed our live session, you can view a recording of the webinar below. For some background on the topic, you may also want to read FirstParty Data, the Death of Cookies, and Why Marketers Should Pay Attention Now.


If you’re having trouble viewing the video on our website, you can find the recording here. You can also view the presentation slides here.

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