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Webinar: QR Codes Are Back

| By JG Wolfe

Though the QR code didn’t make a splash in the marketing world at its introduction, it has certainly made a comeback in the new touchless world. Now, QR codes are a powerful tool for interacting with customers and driving traffic. 

QR Codes Are Back

| By Ian Joyce

It took a pandemic, but the QR code is back. A couple of years ago that would have seemed unlikely. After all, in the early days of QR codes marketers splashed them across ads, billboards, vehicles, trees, people and any other surface they could imagine. It was a case study for enthusiasm over sound strategy, and predictably, the public wasn’t impressed.

Webinar: Privacy and the Post-Cookie Future of Marketing

| By Ian Joyce

Ideas and concerns about privacy are shaping up to influence marketers’ ability to reach new and current customers through digital channels. Evolving privacy regulations and changes to how devices and platforms track users are a wake up call for marketing organizations to rethink their practices and position themselves to succeed in this changing environment.