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Maximizing Impact with Email Marketing: 8 Best Practices for Your Business

| By JG Wolfe

Effective email marketing remains a potent tool for businesses that aim to broaden their reach and strengthen customer relationships. However, to truly harness the power of email marketing, one must adopt best practices tailored to their unique needs. Here are eight essential strategies that can elevate your current email marketing efforts or help you get started with email marketing.

Interesting times: A quick look at AI’s impact in and out of marketing

| By Grace Ricci

Artificial Intelligence continues to shape a rapidly evolving digital landscape right before our eyes. As a marketing agency, we’ve been particularly interested in how it may affect the marketing and advertising industry. But, that’s not to say we haven’t seen it used in other aspects. We asked several Reuben Rinkers to weigh in on the most surprising or interesting applications of AI (marketing-related or not) that they’ve seen to date. While some cited examples from the marketing world, others were able to pull from personal experiences.

Big Game Ad Review

| By Eric Gunzenhauser

What worked and what didn’t. And, yes, Taylor Swift does make an appearance.

It’s time for our Around-the-Rink review of our most liked and disliked spots from the big game. Once again, the responses varied widely. There were more attempts at humor. Fewer attempts to shock. Lots and lots of celebrities making fun of themselves.

How-To: Build a Thoughtful Marketing Budget

| By Clint Farabow

Ready to build your marketing budget but not sure where to start? Establishing a strong marketing strategy that boosts your brand and propels your business starts by synchronizing your goals with your marketing budget. Check out our tips to help kickstart this process.

How-To: Craft More Engaging Social Media Content

| By Cassidy Perkins

In the social media arena, engagement is the name of the game. As an inbound marketing tool, social media content helps create strong bonds with your audience and gives them an opportunity to get to know your brand. Research shows that social media strengthens brand positioning, increases trust and improves online visibility. As a bonus, organic content is extremely cost-effective versus traditional marketing methods.

First-Party Data, the Death of Cookies, and Why Marketers Should Pay Attention Now

| By Ian Joyce

First-party data—if you’re not already reading about it, you soon will. As technology evolves to meet growing expectations regarding online privacy, first-party data will be an important factor in how successfully organizations can target their marketing messages. Unfortunately, many marketers aren’t prioritizing or directing the right resources to collecting first-party data.