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Maximizing Impact with Email Marketing: 8 Best Practices for Your Business

| By JG Wolfe

Effective email marketing remains a potent tool for businesses that aim to broaden their reach and strengthen customer relationships. However, to truly harness the power of email marketing, one must adopt best practices tailored to their unique needs. Here are eight essential strategies that can elevate your current email marketing efforts or help you get started with email marketing.

Interesting times: A quick look at AI’s impact in and out of marketing

| By Grace Ricci

Artificial Intelligence continues to shape a rapidly evolving digital landscape right before our eyes. As a marketing agency, we’ve been particularly interested in how it may affect the marketing and advertising industry. But, that’s not to say we haven’t seen it used in other aspects. We asked several Reuben Rinkers to weigh in on the most surprising or interesting applications of AI (marketing-related or not) that they’ve seen to date. While some cited examples from the marketing world, others were able to pull from personal experiences.

Using Deceptive Editing – in all the Right Ways

| By Kaylan Bradley

As technology continues to shape the landscape of marketing, its potential to drive positive change becomes increasingly apparent. Visual effects (VFX) and artificial intelligence (AI) have emerged as powerful tools that not only captivate audiences but can also communicate meaningful messages. 

The Strengths of Podcast Advertising

| By Kaylan Bradley

In recent years, the ever-evolving landscape of advertising has witnessed a considerable shift towards digital platforms, and one particular medium has been gaining significant recent popularity: podcasts. This audio-based medium has not only captivated the attention of millions of listeners worldwide as a source of entertainment and education, but it has emerged as a proven, effective marketing platform for companies to connect with their target audiences in unique ways.

Partnering for Authentic Influencer Marketing

| By Grace Ricci

Captivating an audience through social media channels is becoming increasingly essential, and even harder to navigate as channels evolve. While creating social media content is a well-established marketing strategy, the popularity of including influencer marketing is rising. Influencer marketing has grown to become a $16.4 billion industry, with 67.9% of US marketers planning to participate in influencer marketing campaigns this year.

Attention to Accessibility Elevates Marketing Impact

| By Amber Chase

In 2023, the CDC found that one in four Americans live with a disability. Globally, this equates to 15% of the population, with this number expected to double by 2050. Notably the largest minority population in the world, this group is still often overlooked by marketers, designers, and web developers across the communication sector.