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Finding comfort in many different flavors.

| By Eric Gunzenhauser

Getting different perspectives is one of the coolest things about working with the folks at Reuben Rink. Everybody brings their own ideas and tastes to the table (albeit virtually, at the moment). Sure, it makes it tricky to agree on what to fill the growler with at City Beverage, but it makes the work interesting and better.

Pushing Past “Here for You” Pandemic Messaging

| By JG Wolfe

Getting your brand noticed is all about breaking through the clutter to arrive at messaging and positioning that is unique, memorable, and compelling. During the current pandemic, there are many brands – large and small – who have lost sight of this at a critical time. You may have noticed that so many ads look and sound remarkably the same right now. In fact, it’s difficult to tell them apart. If you’re not quite sure what I’m referring to, all you need to do is check out this video mashup, care of YouTube’s Microsoft Sam.

Silver Linings: Disruption Could Make Us Better

| By Eric Gunzenhauser

The current disruption in all our daily routines reminded me of a TED Radio Hour episode released almost a year ago. I caught a rebroadcast of it in late February and it turned out to be quite timely. The episode is called “Jumpstarting Creativity” – and the whole episode is worth a listen – but the first segment is what got my attention as especially relevant to our current stay-at-home situation.

Shifting Gears: Managing & Maintaining During a Time of Crisis

| By JG Wolfe

There is no global playbook to manage a situation like we’re experiencing now with the COVID-19 pandemic. While every business is different and is dealing with unique implications and repercussions, we are all facing some common challenges. There are certain things that every business needs to consider and address during a time like this. We’ve put together a few recommendations that we hope you find helpful as they may apply to your organization.

Spice Up Your Life – The PSL Craze

| By Grace Ricci

Nothing marks the return of fall quite like the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL) from Starbucks. Introduced in 2003, the PSL has become the coffee giant’s most popular seasonal drink, selling roughly 424 million worldwide.

4 Tech-Driven Content Marketing Trends We Like

| By Reuben RInk Staff Member

Written by Kit Falvey

If you engage in content marketing, i.e., creating and sharing content, you’ve likely noticed the increased effect that technology plays in your marketing strategy—from PR and social media to advertising. If not, you will. Technology is driving content marketing and will continue to do so as we increase our consumption of content on mobile devices, and as improvements in reporting tools and personalization, mobile optimization, and virtual reality continue. Here are a few developments that we think are interesting that were recently discussed in a Forbes article.