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4 Tech-Driven Content Marketing Trends We Like

| By Guest Author

If you engage in content marketing, i.e., creating and sharing content, you’ve likely noticed the increased effect that technology plays in your marketing strategy—from PR and social media to advertising. If not, you will. Technology is driving content marketing and will continue to do so as we increase our consumption of content on mobile devices, and as improvements in reporting tools and personalization, mobile optimization, and virtual reality continue. Here are a few developments that we think are interesting that were recently discussed in a Forbes article.

4 Tips for Organizing A Large, Complex Marketing Campaign

| By Guest Author

A large, comprehensive marketing campaign is a bit like a three-ring circus – there are a lot of pieces and parts to manage, and they’re usually all going on at the same time. For that reason, the idea of launching a large, complex campaign may be overwhelming and cause a business owner to just not do it. Instead, they stick with the one or two types of marketing they’re comfortable doing. But these days customers get information from too many channels for business owners to simply rely on one or two types of communication. An effective campaign has to reach people using many different types of communication. The key is to organize your campaign so it’s manageable, even if you have minimal marketing staff. Over the years I’ve relied on a few tips to help keep large campaigns organized and on track, and they can help you do the same.

Randy’s Handy Copywriting Tips: Solving A Comma Problem

| By Randy Jones

If you want to start a rowdy debate among writers, proofreaders or a bunch of English professors, bring up the Oxford comma. The Oxford comma is the comma that appears after the last item in a list, such as:

Harvey brought hot dogs, buns, chips, dip, and drinks to the party.

Make The Write Choice: 3 Reasons To Outsource Custom Content

| By Guest Author

If you market via the web you’ve likely noticed the proliferation of brands generating blogs, articles, e-newsletters, native advertising and other types of custom content. In fact, it’s difficult to avoid such content. There’s a reason for the increase in this type of marketing – it’s effective. In fact, Curata notes that almost 75% of companies who engage in content marketing report that it generates more frequent and higher quality leads than other types of marketing. Who wouldn’t want results like that?

Marketing Planning Breakdown: Head Down The Road

| By JG Wolfe

This is the third follow-up to my post Trick question: Are you a marketing planner or a marketing doer?, which touched on the basic requirements of a strategic marketing plan:

This time around, I’ll be looking more closely at strategies and tactics – the core of a marketing plan. This is where the rubber meets the road!