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How To Pitch Stories To The Media

| By Reuben RInk Staff Member

Written by Meg McDonald

I worked in the TV news industry for almost 11 years, and covered just about every subject out there—from twisted murders that were worthy of a “Dateline” special, to weather damage where families lost everything they had, to historic job announcements, to (my personal favorite) feel-good stories that left you with a full heart.

While all of them were different, they had one thing in common: they made folks stop and watch, because those viewers felt the stories affected them in some small way.

5 Tips to Make Your Next TV Spot Your Best

| By Guest Author

Guest Author – Tim Snider, Deja View Media

At Deja View Media, we’ve been helping clients produce promotional videos and commercials for nearly two decades now. Along the way, we’ve worked with a lot of different brands– each, with their own unique product or service to showcase. The one thing that differentiates successful TV spots from others is that they’ve incorporated the following best practices.