5 Tips to Make Your Next TV Spot Your Best

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Guest Author – Tim Snider, Deja View Media

At Deja View Media, we’ve been helping clients produce promotional videos and commercials for nearly two decades now. Along the way, we’ve worked with a lot of different brands– each, with their own unique product or service to showcase. The one thing that differentiates successful TV spots from others is that they’ve incorporated the following best practices.

Deja View Media GreensboroTo help you get your plan together for your next TV spot, here are our top five tips to ensure your next TV spot hits a home run:

  1. Know Your Budget Before You Concept

During the brainstorming process, some great creative ideas emerge, but some are way too big for the spot’s budget. Know your budget and keep it in mind as you concept. If the budget is small, concept something small. This doesn’t mean it has to be poorly produced; you just have to think smarter. A simple concept done well is far better than a weak attempt at something grand. Google produced a commercial a couple of years ago that still sticks out to me, called Parisian Love. It’s an example of how you can be smart on a small budget, but still effectively reach your audience.

  1. Know Your Audience

What do you really know about your audience and what they’re interested in? What insight do you have about them? Every good campaign is built on a key insight. The biggest motivators and movers of your audience mean speaking to them in the right voice. And what and how you say is critical. This is a great example of some work I collaborated on with Reuben Rink and their client, Miracles in Sight. It succinctly, but effectively, delivers the message the eye bank is trying to get across. In addition, find a creative team that’s a great fit for you. Producing a TV spot is a close collaborative effort between the client, their agency and the video production team. Trust that your creative team has your best interests at the forefront of their work.

  1. Say It Without Words

People naturally see more than they hear. Say less, and show more visually – and you’ll have a greater impact on your audience. Researchers have found that 65 percent of the population is made up of visual learners. Engaging, impactful imagery is a must. We work in a primarily visual medium—so resist the urge to say everything you want to say using simply voice over.

  1. Avoid “The Kitchen Sink” Mistake

This is when you try to say too much about your product with wall-to-wall copy. Checking off every box about your service or product. You’ve heard the old saying “less is more.” This is a great rule for producing a TV spot. Be more pointed. Say less, but more effectively. As mentioned in point three, let the visuals fill in where the copy doesn’t—yet another area your creative team can advise you on.

  1. Sync up TV, Online and Social Media Channels

Most people watching TV already have a smart phone in their hands. After they see your commercial, they’re likely to go to your website. Make sure the spot is not only on your website, but there’s a longer version posted on it with more information. There should also be a call to action along with it. You want to make sure when your audience visits that they’re tightly integrated. In addition, make sure you promote your spot on your social media pages and You Tube.

These tips will help you reinforce your brand and what makes it unique—and resonate with your audience. Here’s to a happy and dynamic production!

Tim Snider, Deja View MediaTim Snider graduated from NCSU in 1992 with a degree in Computer Science. He’s self-taught when it comes to production, and hasn’t stopped learning since he founded Deja View Media in 2002. Since then they’ve worked with a variety of brands and productions, including Modern Marvels at the History Channel, John Deere, Mack, Volvo, Adidas, The Fresh Market, Ralph Lauren, VF, Old Dominion Freight Lines, Biscuitville, Tanger Outlets and others.


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