Ian Joyce

Ian Joyce

Digital Services Director

Ian was part of the agency world long before brands demanded “make it go viral.” His career journey includes copywriting for Fortune 500 brands, managing brand advertising and promotions for a global manufacturing company, and helping fast-growing organizations navigate the first steps of their digital transformations. In the early ‘00s, frustrated with the status quo in digital agencies, Ian started his own consulting shop and focused on bringing clarity, creativity, and laser-like focus on business goals to small and mid-size enterprises’ digital marketing. He’s been a frequent collaborator of ours, and now contributes his unique skills and sense of humor to Reuben Rink as a member of our team.

Ian hasn’t forgotten his creative roots and is a published writer and photographer who documents his frequent and far-flung travels. He loves new places and languages, wearing out shoes exploring unfamiliar cities, and making friends in countries around the world. Smaller adventures, from riding his bike to fishing streams and lakes, keep him energized.

Pro-bono work is a passion of Ian’s. He’s national volunteer partner for peer-to-peer fundraising programs for JDRF International, and a member of the board of advisors of Earlham School of Religion in Richmond, IN.

A Tennessee native, Ian now calls downtown Winston Salem home, and enjoys the city life with his son and two dogs, Ben and Rox.