Michelle Gatto

Michelle Gatto

Account Executive

Any way you look at it, Michelle is a very social person. At Reuben Rink, her specialty is social media management, helping our clients find the right channels and the right strategies to interact on the web. Ask her what she likes to do away from work, meanwhile, and she’ll say socializing and watching people to gain insights into why they do what they do. Oh, and playing strategy games. No wonder she’s so good at her job.

She’s also one of our more active team members – she runs, hikes and plays soccer, among other things. And if there’s a local charity run, she’s probably signed up for it. One of her favorite causes is the Susan G. Komen Foundation – she’s a regular in their annual Race For The Cure.

A Winston-Salem native, Michelle went to the University of Georgia, where she earned both a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Business Management and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism, with a focus on Advertising. She came to us right out of school, with everything she learned still fresh in her mind, and we’ve been doing our best to utilize all of it.