Grace Ricci

Grace Ricci

Account Executive

Known as the “spreadsheet queen,” Grace can plan and organize any situation into Excel. Her “type A” personality comes in handy for impending deadlines and confusing prompts. She’s also a true animal lover. Her and her husband Josh love and spoil two dogs named Chloe and Cooper. When she’s not in the office, catch Grace planning travel itineraries or reading books.

Grace works with clients to ensure they are well-informed on all things marketing. Not only that, but thanks to her organizational skills, she knows how to plan both for digital and traditional campaigns.

Originally from Greensboro, Grace is a graduate of Appalachian State University where she earned two Bachelor of Science degrees: one in Public Relations and the other in Communication Studies. During her time there, she was a member of the Alpha Delta Pi Chapter and now volunteers as an alumnae advisor. With all her knowledge, Grace is a true master of media. Her kind and professional nature extends to each person she comes into contact with. Just don’t mess with her spreadsheets.