J.G. Wolfe

President and Owner

If you’ve read our history, you know that J.G. is the great-great-grandson of our namesake “Reuben Rink,” aka Jule Gilmer Körner, so marketing is in his blood. After growing up in Kernersville and graduating from Wake Forest University, J.G. cut his teeth in business management working in a leadership role for a retail chain. He then joined a local ad agency and started down the road that resulted in owning his own firm. In the 25+ years since, he’s built on his experience in strategic planning, creative direction, writing and client relationship management for businesses large and small. It’s safe to say that J.G. has been involved in some manner with every client we’ve ever served.

But it isn’t all work and no play. In fact, with two young sons at home, there’s a lot of play, especially when he’s introducing them to some of his favorite pastimes, like mountain biking, backpacking, and fishing. And believe it or not, he also has time to be involved in the community as an active member of his Rotary Club, the Körner’s Folly Foundation, the Novant Health Foundation, the Kernersville Cycling Club, the WS/FCS Study Buddy Program and the Kernersville Foundation.

As the President, owner and “face” of the agency, J.G. knows it’s up to him to set the tone and define our culture. To that end, he believes in always doing what’s best for our clients, always being professional, and having fun doing what we do at all times.