Keith Hutchens

Keith Hutchens

Senior Art Director

Keith is a real outdoorsman. He grew up in the rural North Carolina town of Boonville (“there’s only one stop light, and Daniel Boone once slept there”), where he spent a lot of time “golfing, hunting and doing anything outdoors.” He’s also a family man, nowadays spending a lot of that time outdoors with his two daughters, Cassie and Colby, and his wife Miranda (who also happens to be a graphic designer).

Keith went to Appalachian State, where he first began to seriously study graphic design. His oldest daughter Cassie has followed in his footsteps, graduating from ASU and majoring in Interior Design. And Colby is going to Caldwell Community College studying to be a Aesthetician. Which gives he and his wife (also an App alum) a great reason to go to as many football games as possible every year.

A designer for over 30 years, Keith has seen advertising radically change and evolve with the times, from the days when his ideas started out on drawing boards to now creating everything digitally. But while technology has changed the tools he uses, his experience has taught him that good ideas come from strategic thinking, and it’s having and executing those good ideas that make the job fun. His past design experience includes work for many national and local accounts, and at Reuben Rink he’s done work for our education and banking clients as well as many of our nonprofit clients, like the Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce.