Clint Farabow

Clint Farabow - The Reuben Rink Company
Clint Farabow - The Reuben Rink Company
Clint Farabow - The Reuben Rink Company

Clint Farabow

Client Services Director

A student of the art and the science of Marketing, Clint enjoys using both to help our clients grow their business through effective marketing strategies. As our Client Services Director, he starts by helping clients to better know and understand their customers, then he works with our team to figure out how best to communicate with those customers as they travel through the buying journey. 

Clint was on the client side for more than twenty years, working with advertising agencies in the Triad, and found that his best experience was when he worked collaboratively and transparently with the agency to develop great strategies and campaigns. He now brings that point of view to the agency side at Reuben Rink.  

In his spare time, Clint has been involved with the Boys and Girls Clubs organization for many years and truly appreciates the great work they do in our community and beyond. He’s also an Elder at First Presbyterian Church in Greensboro where he serves as Chairman of the Communications Committee.

Clint is, he says, “blessed with a beautiful wife and three sons,” and adds that “any time we all get to spend together, be it around the dinner table debating the moral ambiguities of Breaking Bad to spending time together relaxing at the beach, is a great time for me.”