Where & When to Reach Your Audience on Social Media

| By Grace Ricci

When your goals include reaching more people, it can be tempting to push your message out via every channel available. But when it comes to social media, it pays to be more selective. By targeting your audiences where and when they’re already scrolling, you can increase returns on your investments and generate higher quality engagement that drives your brand forward.

Not sure which social media platforms will work best for you? Wondering when to post on each account to maximize your reach? We’ve done the legwork for you – check out our roundup of optimal days and times to post, plus an overview of each social network’s top audiences, to get started.

We’ve pulled together research from experts in the industry including Sprout Social, the American Marketing Association, Hubspot, and the Digital Marketing Institute, to help you plan or update your social media strategy. 

Facebook Audiences

Top age group: 25-34 years old

Best suited for: informative content, especially for businesses in the fashion, entertainment, health and news industries

Instagram Audiences

Top age groups: 25-34, closely followed by 18-24 years old

Best suited for: video and image-based content, especially for B2C businesses selling lifestyle and fitness products, travel, cosmetics, and food and beverage

Twitter Audiences

Top age group: 18-29 years old

Well suited for: B2B and B2C audiences sharing brief, informal and conversational content, especially in industries like technology, retail, travel and finance

LinkedIn Audiences

Top age group: 25-34 years old

Best suited for: sharing editorial content and building professional relationships with potential clients and employees, especially in the legal, manufacturing, infrastructure and IT industries

Pinterest Audiences

Top age group: 50-64 years old

Best suited for: businesses sharing high-quality, curated image-based content, especially in the travel, beauty, event planning and fashion industries

YouTube Audiences

Top age group: 15-35 years old

Best suited for: business sharing video-based content, especially informative content about products or experiences, in industries like tech, gaming, beauty, fashion, education, and food and beverage

TikTok Audiences

Top age group: 10-19 years old

Best suited for: brief, high-energy video-based content, especially those targeting Gen Z

Now that you have an idea of where and when to post your content to best reach your audiences, the next step is to generate the content. Remember: quality over quantity applies to social media, too. Focusing your efforts on building content your audience is interested in seeing produces more impactful engagement. You can also check out our tips for crafting engaging social media content to learn more on the subject.

Still need help planning and executing an engaging social media strategy? Our team has experience planning, crafting and managing content for a variety of industries. Contact us today to learn how we can help grow your brand’s online presence.



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