Take Off Those Worn Out Marketing Clothes And Show The World Who You Really Are

| By Guest Author

By Christy Spencer, Vice President, JKS Incorporated

At JKS Incorporated our business is helping corporate sponsors create and stage large, interactive displays and promotions, usually at sports venues like NASCAR races, PGA tournaments or football games, but also at street fairs or retail locations or virtually anywhere else. To accomplish this, we’ve got to come up with interesting creative concepts and interactive games that will draw people to these displays and create memorable experiences. Working with large corporations and their marketing agencies to conceive and produce innovative and energizing displays, we need to tap into the technologies that younger people are using, because those are the fans our clients usually want to attract. So, to attract new clients, we need to demonstrate that we know and understand the technology and trends out there and can incorporate them into what we do.

Christy Spencer JKS Incorporated RebrandingOur website is key, because that’s how people find us. We don’t advertise, so when people hear about us it’s typically word of mouth, and the first thing they’re going to do is go to our website. To make sure we’re relevant in today’s world, we want our website to reflect what we do and how creative we are. And when I looked at our website a few months ago, I realized it simply didn’t do that. I actually worried that potential clients would see our website and think, “I hear they do good work, but this doesn’t look like they’re innovative. This doesn’t look like they deal in the kind of cutting edge technology I’m looking for.” The website was somewhat dated, and so was our logo.

JKS Incorporated Old Logo Rebranding

The logo we had at that time used racing flags as a motif, a nod to our longtime involvement with motorsports. However, motorsports is only one of the industries we now serve. We’ve never put a lot of focus into our image, and when we looked critically at our logo we realized the time had come to modernize it and give it a more contemporary look. It simply didn’t reflect who we are in 2017.

JKS Incorporated New Logo Rebranding

Of course, we didn’t want go too far away from what we’ve done in the past, because we wanted to make sure we still look like ourselves, but the newer, more modern version of who we are now. One change in the logo was getting rid of the racing flags and adding a distinctive icon to represent the multifaceted aspect of what we do. Now, instead of just using our name, we can use the icon in ways that make people think, “I recognize that – it’s the JKS symbol.” Our new logo gives us a new and exciting way to market ourselves and our work.

In redoing the website, we addressed a key problem of having too much content. It was helpful having an outside professional marketing partner dissect the content and see where there were redundancies or where we could shift things into broader categories. Giving the site a much more modern design and addressing some functionality problems by adding things like responsive design resulted in a site as sleek and modern as the work we do for our clients. All in all, our new website is much more user-friendly and the information is more manageable. (You can see it here.)

Making the decision to rebrand our company and redo our website wasn’t one we came to lightly, but as I look at the results I’m sure it was worth it. Working with Reuben Rink, we’ve developed a new logo and website to better represent the work we do and the clients we serve today. I like to say we’ve taken off our old, worn out clothes to let people see the new, sassy clothes underneath, and I can’t wait for the world to see our new look!


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