Make The Write Choice: 3 Reasons To Outsource Custom Content

| By Reuben RInk Staff Member

Written by Kit Falvey

If you market via the web you’ve likely noticed the proliferation of brands generating blogs, articles, e-newsletters, native advertising and other types of custom content. In fact, it’s difficult to avoid such content. There’s a reason for the increase in this type of marketing – it’s effective. In fact, Curata notes that almost 75% of companies who engage in content marketing report that it generates more frequent and higher quality leads than other types of marketing. Who wouldn’t want results like that?

Juggling Custom Content Reuben Rink BlogOf course, as with all great trends, there are drawbacks. As the proliferation of custom content increases, the quality of the content tends to decrease. This is due, in part, to companies distributing poorly executed content, e.g., content that lacks strategic direction or is too promotional and offers little value to the reader. Custom content is effective – when done properly. One way to ensure your content engages customers is to outsource and partner with a professional content agency.

Here are the top three benefits a content agency can provide to your company.

  1. Content Agencies Are Strategic – When content agencies develop content, they do so in support of a sound marketing strategy. If you don’t have one, they will develop one. Effective custom content is not developed randomly. It supports your basic business and marketing objectives and follows well-considered strategies and tactics. A well-executed custom content plan will also repurpose and integrate content across as many channels as are relevant to your audience, e.g., social media, blogs, advertising, etc.
  2. Content Agencies Get Results – You may be a great writer and understand your business, but your content agency offers a level of objectivity, experience, and professional writing and graphic art skills that are difficult to obtain with an in-house team. Content agencies also follow best practices around consistency and writing guidelines – and they are up-to-date on marketing and engagement trends, technology, and metrics. They understand how to craft the proper messaging for your audience that builds awareness, generates leads or establishes your thought leadership – and then distribute that messaging in a way that reaches your audience and engages them.
  3. Content Agencies Are Cost Effective – Really! When you consider the costs associated with hiring the writers, editors, artists and project managers needed to build a proper in-house content team, hiring an established content agency is cost effective. In addition, outsourcing to a team of professionals allows you and your team time to handle other, more pressing business demands. Moreover, most content agencies are structured to provide content within short periods of time – so collaborating with an agency also saves you time and provides flexibility in managing your content program.

Here’s an added bonus. Working with a content agency is fun. Okay, we may be a little biased, but the folks at content agencies love creating content. It’s what we do – and that enthusiasm and energy filters into our relationships with our customers. We want you to enjoy the process, too, and tend to be quite collaborative in our partnerships. Your input and knowledge of your industry and your customer are vital to the success of any content program we develop. The best agency-client relationships are symbiotic – with each partner augmenting the experience and skills brought by the other.

So, if you want to save money, get results and execute your marketing in a strategic and effective manner, consider collaborating with a content agency.

At Reuben Rink, we create content for a wide range of clients, spanning diverse industries. We’d love to put that experience to use for you. Give us a call when you’d like to start having some fun!


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