Get Up, Stand Up – A Standing Desk Review

| By JG Wolfe

My computer and I spend an inordinate amount of time together while I’m in the office. It’s a necessary part of being a plugged-in professional today. But it’s not without negative consequences. One thing I’ve recognized lately after sitting at my desk for long periods is an increasingly stiff back, poor posture, and hair loss (granted they may not all be directly related).

So I decided to do something about it. I have taken my relationship with my desktop to a higher level – upward, to be precise. That’s right, I am now one of the many recently-converted desk standers.

standing desk review reuben rinkThere are many factors that convinced me a standup desk would be of benefit – and there’s no shortage of articles lauding the virtues of standing in terms of long-term health and even a prolonged lifespan. The major benefits can include weight loss and reduced risks of serious health issues like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.

After consulting the trusty web, I decided I would DIY a standup desk setup to give it a whirl before investing in a more expensive piece of equipment. I made my own modifications and you can see the result above. Then I started standing a whole lot more during my time in the office.

Weeks later, I’m happy to report that this was a good move and something I believe I will continue. I feel more active during the workday, my body feels less ‘compressed’, and I feel good about the associated health benefits.

If you think a standing desk is right for you and want to try it yourself, there are two important cautions I’d like to share. First, get yourself an anti-fatigue mat (also known as a chef’s mat). This will significantly lessen the impact on your feet from standing for long periods of time.

Second, easing into this change is important. If you go straight from sitting all day to standing all day you can stress your body and create health issues instead of addressing them. Maintain an area at your desk where you can sit and work in addition to the standing workspace. Gradually increase your standing periods over time to avoid any complications.

I hope this will continue to be a worthwhile change for me. I’d love to hear from others who have had positive – or negative – experiences with a standing desk work environment. Stand up and be heard!


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