How To Prevent An Email Fail

Email Marketing Tips

Bulk email development and distribution can be overwhelming and frustrating. One common challenge is keeping an email’s design intact and consistent across all email clients (e.g., Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail, etc.). This issue arises because email clients, unlike web browsers, operate completely at the discretion of the application developer, which causes disparities from one email client to another. Outlook, for example, uses a word processor rendering engine instead of a browser. As a result, an email may look great in Gmail but fall apart in Outlook. Go-to email service providers like MailChimp and Constant Contact have not even been able to account for this across the board.  

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Marketing Planning Breakdown: Step Out of Your Shoes


It’s on to part two of my follow up to the post Trick question: Are you a marketing planner or a marketing doer?, which touched on the basic requirements of a strategic marketing plan:

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The Influence of Color Theory

Influence of color theory

Whether we are developing a new brand identity, updating a website, or laying out an advertisement, color is an integral part of our days. Applying color in a wide array of applications can be challenging and art directors excel at interpretation of color. The art directors at Reuben Rink execute designs for a diverse set of clients every day, and in this blog post we explore the influence color has on their design philosophies.

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Thoughts On Advertising: Of Frogs And Legs

budweiser frog advertising campaign

Occasionally we like to get philosophical here at Reuben Rink. This is one of a series of posts we label Thoughts on Advertising that address our, well, thoughts on advertising. In this post we look at an iconic ad campaign from the 1990s. In future posts we’ll look at other aspects of our industry, including some contemporary ad campaigns and marketing techniques.

I consider the Budweiser Frogs TV ad, introduced in the 1995 Super Bowl, to be the best single TV ad of all time. If you’re not familiar with it, here it is:

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Marketing Planning Breakdown: Begin With the End in Mind

Marketing Plan How To

As part one in a follow up to my recent post Trick question: Are you a marketing planner or a marketing doer?, I want to take time to delve a little deeper on the qualities that comprise an effective marketing plan. While a plan can take many forms, it should meet some fundamental requirements, including:Read More

My Smart Phone Hang Up

cell phones during business meetings

It’s a mobile world out there and, in case you haven’t noticed, many of those living in it appear to be tethered to their phones. This is true personally as well as professionally. I’m a Millennial – I’ve never known a world without cell phones, where you could be reached pretty much anywhere at any time. But the accelerated rise of smart phones use has been a game changer. Now phones aren’t just for calls anymore. Instead, communication and information of all kinds is flowing in constantly.

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