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We Are Reuben Rink

{formerly The Bloom Agency}

A full-service advertising and marketing agency based in downtown Winston-Salem, NC, specializing in strategic planning and integrated digital, print, broadcast and social media programs.

Our Work

Connecting Innovators with Industry Leaders

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Prinnovo®, a new enterprise that brings together breakthrough technology companies with established corporations seeking innovative solutions, faced the challenge of establishing an identity in the marketplace and delivering it to potential customers. Reuben Rink met this challenge by first creating a logo and tagline that quickly conveyed the essence of what Prinnovo does. We then created a responsive design website that defined their services while reflecting the type of cutting-edge practices that would be expected by their tech-savvy audiences.

Helping A Bank Give Away Money

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Grayson National Bank found itself with an odd problem – a surplus of mint and proof coin sets they wanted to give away. The bank also wanted to get more reach through their Facebook page. We met both challenges by creating a simple Facebook contest that asked visitors to like a post to be eligible to “win some coin.” The result has been a sharp uptick in page views and likes as customers and other contacts enter and share the contest.

Getting A New Product Noticed

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Launching a new product is always an interesting challenge. Launching ApneaStrip® – a device to screen for sleep apnea – required us to develop a logo, brand identity standards, packaging and much more. Because it’s prescription-only and kept behind the pharmacy counter, the package was a particular challenge in that it had to be bold and bright enough to stand out when viewed on a shelf from ten or twelve feet away. Our solution featured a bright color palette, bold wording and an engaging visual.

Making A Corporate Gift Stand Out

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Turnaround management firm Anderson Bauman Tourtellot Vos challenged us to develop a unique item for clients and business partners that would stand out in a flood of corporate holiday gifts. We came up with a hot idea — special blend coffees with memorable names and attractive packaging that could be customized to reflect their services. The solution worked so well that ABTV eventually produced three different blends.

Letting Customers Tell The Story

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An ongoing challenge of the Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce is to raise awareness of their services and attract new members. Believing that peer recommendations are an effective marketing tool, we helped create an ad campaign – outdoor, print and digital – that utilized member testimonials to tout the advantages of Chamber membership. This campaign supported an overall membership drive that resulted in over 300 new members.  

Raising Awareness Through Video

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Our challenge with Miracles In Sight (formerly the North Carolina Eye Bank) was to find a way to build awareness for the organization with the general public as well as with clinicians in a way that would resonate with both audiences. The solution was a dynamic brand video that conveys the breadth of their services, dedication and professionalism. The video plays multiple roles, being used on their social media channels, their website, at conferences and by field representatives when meeting with clients and prospects.

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  • Anderson Bauman Tourtellot Vos
  • Forsyth Technical Community College
  • Winston Salem Chamber of Commerce
  • Grayson National Bank
  • Miracles in Sight
  • UST Global
  • Steele Group Architects
  • Isothermal Community College
  • Pope Companies
  • Prinnovo
  • Reynolds American
  • Rockingham Community College

Our Team

We’re a team of experienced marketing and advertising professionals, with diverse backgrounds, points of view and talents. Employing a potent combination of savvy strategic thinking, originality in our approach to creative ideas, and a fierce commitment to client success, we are able to work successfully with a wide variety of clients in a number of different industries. We are also conscientious stewards of our clients’ budgets, taking our fiscal responsibility as seriously as we take our commitment to provide the best possible work and get the best possible results.

Meet Our Team

Our Story

You may be wondering how in the world we arrived at the unique and memorable name
Reuben Rink.
{ We're Glad You Asked... }

J. G. Wolfe, our owner & president, is the great-great-grandson of Jule Gilmer Körner, a talented 19th century artist, advertiser and designer who made his home in Kernersville, NC and had an office in downtown Winston-Salem. One of his claims to fame was his work for the Bull Durham Tobacco Company, for which he hand-painted attention-getting advertisements on barns and other buildings throughout the southeast – all under the pseudonym Reuben Rink.

This is acknowledged as one of the first outdoor ad campaigns in American history, and one of the most successful. It even became the stuff of urban legends, with rumors spreading that Reuben Rink had somehow painted one of his famous bulls on the Pyramid of Khufu in Egypt.

But his talent as a marketer didn’t stop there. In one of the first instances of “guerilla marketing,” Reuben Rink also devised a way of making certain his bulls would not just get noticed, but become the talk of the town. Each bull was initially painted as “anatomically correct,” so to speak, and prominently so. Rink would then write a letter to the local newspaper as an outraged citizen, identifying the offensive painting and calling for it to be removed.

As word spread, of course the local populace would flock to see this outrageous painting themselves, creating more and more publicity for Bull Durham Tobacco. And when the controversy reached a fever pitch, Reuben Rink would return to town and solve the problem by adding a strategically placed fence to the painting.


J.G. felt it was fitting to revive the Reuben Rink name, as the innovative and pacesetting work that Jule delivered then is exactly what The Reuben Rink Marketing and Advertising Company strives to deliver to our clients in the 21st century.

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