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We Are Reuben Rink

{formerly The Bloom Agency}

A full-service advertising and marketing agency based in downtown Winston-Salem, NC, specializing in strategic planning and integrated digital, print, broadcast and social media programs.

Recent Work

Helping The Chamber Have Some Fun

Each year the Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce holds its Annual Meeting late in the year to review accomplishments from the previous 12 months and to look ahead. Asked to create a video that recapped the year in a fun and memorable way, we developed an entertaining and informative concept. The video was produced in collaboration with Out Of Our Minds Studios, a local animation partner.


We worked with Forsyth Technical Community College to craft an ad that conveys the benefits of a degree using athletic imagery, a thematic approach appealing to those using the fitness center where the ad initially ran. The college liked the results so much that we began running the spot on local TV, and extended the campaign by adding two more spots that utilize themes of food and travel.


jks incorporated responsive website redesign

JKS Incorporated is a leader in experiential marketing. Their work is found at major sporting events, fairs and exhibitions, giving fans and visitors a unique way to interact with the event’s corporate sponsors. Their website, however, didn’t reflect the exciting, cutting edge work they do, so we worked with them on a major upgrade. The result is a site that’s more vibrant, easier to navigate, and really tells the JKS story. You can see the new site here.

Creating Customer Interaction At A Trade Show

Capel Rugs wanted a new and innovative way to attract customers to their showroom at an important trade show. We created The Uniquely Capel Experience, a program featuring on-site “perks” like a charging station and chair massages that offered buyers amenities that went beyond the expected product offerings. Program support included direct mail, trade print ads, email messaging, social media posts and press releases to create industry buzz and to urge attendees to schedule a meeting with a Capel sales rep at the show. Extending our messaging beyond product allowed Capel to engage buyers well before the show, before new product is available for review.


smith case website redesign

Smith Case is a manufacturer of custom-made cases for salespeople who need to carry and display distinctive items, like window samples and demonstration kits. They asked us to develop a new custom website that was more than a catalog-like, straightforward presentation of the products they create. We worked with them to tell their story more effectively, with a focus on the customization and dedicated customer service that sets them apart from other case makers.  You can see the new site here.

Delivering Effective, Cost Efficient Mini-sites

Pope Companies Micro Sites

Pope Companies, a leading Triad commercial and residential developer, wanted to promote its residential properties – including a new upscale luxury townhome development, a for-lease townhome community in an established neighborhood and a suite of mobile home parks. Reuben Rink’s solution: a series of microsites.  Uniquely different living experiences, audiences and features require different messaging vehicles.  Our criteria when developing the microsites included:

  • Brand Specificity: Each site is devoted to a particular property and reflects its brand.
  • Search Optimization: With unique URL’s, keywords, calls-to-action, and domain-names, each site is developed to support SEO.
  • Cost Efficiency:  Templated sites with managed content are efficient to develop, launch and maintain.
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  • Anderson Bauman Tourtellot Vos
  • Forsyth Technical Community College
  • Winston Salem Chamber of Commerce
  • Grayson National Bank
  • Miracles in Sight
  • UST Global
  • Steele Group Architects
  • Capel Rugs
  • Pope Companies
  • Reynolds American
  • Joyce Farms
  • Blue Ridge Energy

Our Team

We’re a team of experienced marketing and advertising professionals, with diverse backgrounds, points of view and talents. Employing a potent combination of savvy strategic thinking, originality in our approach to creative ideas, and a fierce commitment to client success, we are able to work successfully with a wide variety of clients in a number of different industries. We are also conscientious stewards of our clients’ budgets, taking our fiscal responsibility as seriously as we take our commitment to provide the best possible work and get the best possible results.

Meet Our Team

Our Story

You may be wondering how in the world we arrived at the unique and memorable name
Reuben Rink.
{ We're Glad You Asked... }

J.G. Wolfe, our owner & president, is the great-great-grandson of Jule Gilmer Körner, a talented 19th century artist, advertiser and designer who made his home in Kernersville, NC and had an office in downtown Winston-Salem. One of his claims to fame was his work for the Bull Durham Tobacco Company, for which he hand-painted attention-getting advertisements on barns and other buildings throughout the southeast – all under the pseudonym Reuben Rink.

This is acknowledged as one of the first outdoor ad campaigns in American history, and one of the most successful. It even became the stuff of urban legends, with rumors spreading that Reuben Rink had somehow painted one of his famous bulls on the Pyramid of Khufu in Egypt.

But his talent as a marketer didn’t stop there. In one of the first instances of “guerilla marketing,” Reuben Rink also devised a way of making certain his bulls would not just get noticed, but become the talk of the town. Each bull was initially painted as “anatomically correct,” so to speak, and prominently so. Rink would then write a letter to the local newspaper as an outraged citizen, identifying the offensive painting and calling for it to be removed.

As word spread, of course the local populace would flock to see this outrageous painting themselves, creating more and more publicity for Bull Durham Tobacco. And when the controversy reached a fever pitch, Reuben Rink would return to town and solve the problem by adding a strategically placed fence to the painting.


J.G. felt it was fitting to revive the Reuben Rink name, as the innovative and pacesetting work that Jule delivered then is exactly what The Reuben Rink Marketing and Advertising Company strives to deliver to our clients in the 21st century.

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