WellQ is a completely new concept. A joint start-up venture between Wake Forest Baptist Health and Allegacy Federal Credit Union, it is a membership-based program bringing together basic health and financial planning services to help members achieve total wellbeing. We were heavily involved with the launch of WellQ in early 2018.

Branding – We worked closely with representatives of both WFBH and Allegacy to craft a mission statement, core values, brand promise, brand personality traits, and a tagline for WellQ that encapsulates what the brand offers members. These branding elements serve as the basis of WellQ’s messaging and communications.

Logo and Identity Materials – We developed a logo to visually represent the attributes that emerged during brand development – smart and vibrant as well as friendly and inviting. A colorful design incorporating clean graphic and font applications delivers a fresh, contemporary look and conveys a feeling of connection.  

Promotional Support Materials – There are two key audience segments for WellQ – individual members and companies that want to provide a special benefit for their employees via paid membership. We have developed a range of printed and presentation materials targeting these two segments, focusing on the benefits of membership and ease of using WellQ services while educating prospective members on the concept of total physical and financial wellbeing.

Social Media – Our on-going goal is to grow WellQ’s social media presence while also engaging with target audiences in a consistent, frequent and relevant way with information that educates, inspires, and engages. By developing content buckets and a monthly editorial calendar, we are able to build awareness and position WellQ as a leader in health and financial wellness in the Winston-Salem area.