We partnered with GTCC in 2017 to bring our long experience in working with community colleges to bear in telling their story. Reaching out to a large and diverse audience of potential enrollees – high school students, adult learners, career changers and others – has required utilizing a wide variety of media and messaging. These are just a few examples of our extensive body of work as GTCC’s full-service marketing partner. 

Website – One of our first major tasks for GTCC was providing project management and content development services for an entirely new student-centric website. In partnership with a web development firm handling design of the new site, we worked closely with the college’s leadership and IT department to ensure that the project stayed on track and over 600 pages of content was created and built to meet current web best practices. 

TV Campaign – We worked with the college to create two TV ads that tout the many available programs, career-focused training and convenient locations available. High energy visuals and inspirational narration position GTCC as a viable college choice for anyone in the area seeking a better education and more opportunities at an affordable price.

Annual Report – To promote GTCC’s important value to the community and to the state, we created an annual report that provides important statistics and demographic information, celebrates staff and students, and thanks the generous donors who support the GTCC foundation.

Vehicle Advertising – To raise awareness of the college, especially during periods of student enrollment and registration, we have utilized hard-to-miss ads on buses that travel through the local area. We also worked with the college to have various vehicles wrapped with inspirational messaging, creating “rolling billboards” that are seen by thousands daily.

PR Support – Making sure GTCC gets good news coverage regularly is another role we play. From a visit by the Governor to campus events to a student who receives an accolade or honor, we work hard to make sure any newsworthy item concerning GTCC gets as much coverage as possible.