Brightspire (BRI) came to us in 2018 to help breathe life into marketing their life plan communities. We jumped right in, creating unique campaign themes that conveyed each community’s individual strengths while developing thoughtful, compelling content for acquiring and strengthening relationships with key stakeholders and potential residents.

Rebranding –By reflecting Brightspire’s values, we came up with a new name and logo to showcase the “light” that they give to their residents. We spread the word by sending letters to several different audiences, creating a video announcement for social media, and broadcasting a press release. Through the transition, we implemented new marketing techniques to emphasize the comforting atmosphere that the community represents.

Digital Advertising – In order to spread the word about Brightspire’s active communities, we developed a tailored campaign using multiple digital resources including Google Search and Facebook Advertising. The result: a measurable increase in both leads and awareness.

Newsletter Management – BRI’s communities are known for enriching lives and making people feel right at home. Part of that commitment means keeping current and future residents informed and engaged on topics that interest them through a consistent, compelling e-newsletter program. We work with each community to interview and write profiles about residents and staff members to help everyone get to know their neighbors a little better.

Expansion Materials – Friends Homes, a BRI-affiliated life plan community, wanted to get people excited about their upcoming expansion. They partnered with us to build out an array of materials to get the word out and show prospective residents what they had to look forward to. Materials included direct mail, flyers, postcards, floor plan sheets, and site plan boards.

Foundation Annual Report – When Brightspire needed help refreshing its annual report, our goal was to make sure the people of the organization were the focus. We crafted content through one-on-one interviews with staff and residents, letting their stories and experiences shine through. Our clean, flexible design approach leveraged new and existing photography for a warm, human feel that helped position the foundation’s numbers within the context of a larger mission.