Since partnering with Allegacy Federal Credit Union in 2018, we’ve developed a collaborative and productive relationship with their marketing team that has resulted in a large number of successful projects in a short period of time. We work best as a seamless extension of our clients’ organizations, and our association with Allegacy represents that well. Following are just a few of the initiatives we’re proud of.   

Lobby Promotions — Allegacy is known for a retail financial environment that incorporates brand communications in an appealing way. We have worked to develop quarterly promotions in and around financial centers that carry the Allegacy brand throughout themed signage, posters, banners, and digital presentations that get attention from members without being distracting.

Sock Mailer — Designed to attract businesses located around a newly opened financial center, we developed a dimensional direct mail package that put Allegacy’s best foot forward. This package, which included custom Allegacy socks and custom accompanying messaging, aided in a highly successful opening.

Certificate Promotion — Allegacy launched a 20-month certificate of deposit to provide members with a way to grow their money securely. We fielded the challenge of conveying the benefits and encouraging members to invest. We developed a multi-channel campaign that included print ads, direct mail, and Facebook advertising, helping the credit union meet its goals for generating new deposits.

Event Snapchat Filters —We helped maximize Allegacy’s local event sponsorship presence by developing Snapchat filters for event-goers to use to give context to their social media sharing. The quick, cost-effective filters gave Allegacy additional impressions and awareness, as well as trackable insights into the positive impact of their community efforts.