Cassidy Perkins

Cassidy Perkins

Account Executive

Cassidy is our newest addition to the Reuben Rink team, here to help ensure that our clients are well taken care of. She attended Appalachian State University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Marketing and Psychology. Her favorite courses included consumer behavior, behavior change, and lifecycle psychology because of her fierce desire to better understand human motivations. She applies this knowledge to tailor advertisements and branding to always fit the audience at hand.

After school, she gained valuable experience as a sales representative in the food and beverage industry, taking a prolonged tour of Asheville’s craft breweries and restaurants along the way (all as “part of her job”…the jury’s still out on that one).  She then decided to follow the industry to Foothills Brewing, where she learned to apply practical social media and graphic design skills as a Marketing Intern.

In her off time, Cassidy enjoys a quiet afternoon at home painting, reading, or writing with a cold beer and her puppy, Dustin, curled up by her feet. If you can’t find her in any of the nearest cozy armchairs, your best bet is to check the kitchen—Cassidy is also a self-proclaimed foodie. In fact, she so enjoys trying new cuisines that she has traveled as far as Tokyo, Venice, Paris, and Barcelona to cross dishes off her food bucket list. Cassidy also uses her cooking as an excuse to gather her friends and family around a table, usually followed by an intense game of Settlers of Catan.