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Boni Russell

Art Director

Born and raised in High Point, NC, you could say that Boni’s creativity runs in the family. Her father was a successful professional photographer. And while her brother is busy following in dad’s footsteps, Boni and her sister chose careers in graphic design.

After earning her associate degree from GTCC, she started building up an impressive portfolio of client and agency experience. Along the way, she has seen firsthand the transition from old school board mechanicals to an increasingly digital workflow. Today Boni seamlessly shifts gears from print to digital design as needed to build custom creative executions for our clients. Her approach to the work is best summed up in one of her favorite quotes from the poet Mark Van Doren, “Bring ideas in and entertain them royally, for one of them may be the king.”

When she’s not busy volunteering at her church, Boni is into dollhouse miniatures and DIY projects. If it isn’t moving she’ll either paint it or try to put moulding on it (everything looks better with moulding). She also loves trying to keep up with Jax, her grandson; Haley, her daughter (and Jax’s mom); and Nathan, her son, who serves in the Navy onboard the USS Nimitz.