Our relationship with Grayson National Bank began in 2011 with a rebranding campaign and a new website. Since that time we have helped this community bank stave off competition from much larger national and regional banks in a variety of ways, including introducing and growing their presence in social media.

grayson national bank branding

Rebranding – Our rebranding involved introducing a new logo and tagline – “Good people. Good service. Good neighbors.” – to emphasize their commitment to good customer service and good corporate citizenship. We combined this with a graphic style that exemplifies their century-plus in business.

grays national bank annual reports


Annual Reports – Whereas previously they had issued only financial annual reports, in 2013 and 2014 we worked with them to create reports that told their story through customer and employee profiles.

grayson national bank print media

Print And Direct Mail – We used print ads and direct mail postcards to emphasize the bank’s strength and resilience in helping customers through decades of financial turmoil, and to thank customers for their loyalty, again emphasizing the bank’s 100+ years of service to the area.

grayson national bank social media

Social Media – We created a Facebook page for the bank in 2012. Utilizing organic posts, contests to engage new visitors, and a strategic combination of paid posts and Facebook ads, we have gained over 1,800 Likes for the page at this point.