Community Giveback:
Helping Those Who Help Others

As marketers, we spend a lot of time listening to the needs of our clients before developing strategic plans designed to offer customized, creative and innovative solutions. We are aware that many nonprofit organizations in our community have specific marketing needs that fall outside the range of their limited budgets, and we offer help through our Community Giveback program.

Twice each year, Reuben Rink invites a selected 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization headquartered in Forsyth or Guilford County to our office for a free discovery session. During that session, we lead an interactive discussion about one of the nonprofit’s key marketing challenges. We then develop and deliver recommendations for strategic and tactical solutions to address the challenge at hand.

We believe that providing strategic marketing direction is the best way we can put our professional talents to good use on behalf of local nonprofits. In exchange, we have two requests:

  1. Nonprofits interested in participating in the program should complete and submit our online form for consideration. This allows us to make a wise selection, which is purely at the discretion of our staff.
  2. At least four people in leadership positions with the selected nonprofit—including at least two board members—will be made available to attend the discovery session. This ensures that we are able to capture the information we need to craft a quality response.

Forsyth Education Partnership

Reuben Rink Community Giveback Partner

Children’s Law Center of Central North Carolina

Reuben Rink Community Giveback Partner

Community Giveback is simply our way of helping those in our community who are helping others.

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